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Researcher for 60 Minutes story Saving the wild salmon

11 Next Generation Condoms Funded by the Gates Foundation (Futureofsex.net)

Will Sex Robots Actually Replace Human Sex Workers? (Futureofsex.net)

Could acidic waters ruin B.C.’s shellfish industry? (ctvbc.ca)

Can a raw food diet heal arthritis and heart issues? (ctvbc.ca)

Brightest, biggest moon of year to rise Saturday (ctvbc.ca)

Out of the closet and onto the street: young, gay and homeless in Vancouver (Multimedia web project completed as a partial requirement for the Masters of Journalism program at the University of British Columbia)
— Also featured as cover story for Megaphone Magazine

Jacob stops some forms of retouching, still uses typical models (The Shameless Blog)

Families face barriers to Vancouver childcare (CTV.ca, ctvbc.ca)

Widow grateful robber returns husband’s ashes (ctvbc.ca)

Second giraffe dies at Greater Vancouver Zoo (ctvbc.ca)

Promotional video created for St. Joseph’s Immigrant Women’s Centre: