Toronto Taboo Show Review: Erotic Art, Canadian Sextech Entrepreneurs, and Phalluses Galore

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I didn’t expect to have such a good time at the latest Toronto Taboo Show.

But then again, I didn’t stay to watch any of the performances last year. This time around I did. And for that reason, I left the sex show with a considerable bounce in my step, mouth-watering video footage, and a beautiful penis art print magnet.

Once more the Toronto Taboo Everything To Do With Sex Show returned to The International Centre in Mississauga. Read on for my review of the 2023 Toronto Taboo Show.

Brent Ray Fraser’s erotic art show

Brent Ray Fraser brings a death knell to the well-worn saying that women aren’t turned on visually. Watching him perform made me feel like I’d been drinking Jack and Coke all day. But the dopamine rush was healthy and all natural.

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, I wasn’t the only person he impressed. The world-famous penis painter uses his whole body, and often his nude nether regions, to create stunning abstract art and skillful portraits.

Beyond his physical beauty, which embodies strength, muscular control, and remarkable flexibility, his artistic talent shines through his performance. You can view and even buy his art at his online shop.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the VIP area so my photos of the performance weren’t the best quality.

But you can check out past performances on his Instagram, including many times when he’s wowed audiences as a contestant on European TV talent shows.

Not being a VIP, I also missed out on the interactive parts of his show. Fraser invited gleeful guests to hold up materials for him to press his painted body against. Some women even volunteered their bodies as canvases.

His performance alone was well worth the price of admission to the Toronto Taboo Show. He’s headed next to Calgary’s upcoming Taboo Show so lucky Albertans can check him out there.

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Vibrators are a girl’s best friend

What’s an adult expo without vibrators and sex education?

The Vivilo vibrator Doigt de Fée, which means “fairy finger” in French, showed a hot new take on G-spot stimulation. The gif above displays a fast-moving, finger-sized “flicker” contained in the body of the internal vibrator.

In a longer video demo of the Doigt de Fée in action, which is available to view on my Instagram, I ask, “Is this too much or just enough?” Personally, it seems over the top and not necessary for my tastes. Yet a keen Instagram commenter felt differently and may share their feedback if they end up buying the device.

Throughout the event, sex educators gave seminars on topics such as oral sex tips, mindful sex, and erectile health. Sex coach Sabrina Baldinia, who was also a speaker at the October SexTech TO Mixer, dished on hot topics in her profession.

In Kathleen Gander’s session called “Embracing Sexual Exploration with Confidence and Joy,” she let the audience know that vibrators are, in fact, a girl’s best friend—not diamonds. Here, here!

toronto taboo show review chaturbate girls booth
Cam models at the Chaturbate booth bounced their bums for videographers.

Kink-curious folks learned BDSM basics at the special Kink Seminar Theater. Attendees got the low-down on sensual flogging, ethical non-monogamy, and advice on how to visit a sex club for the first time.

The crowd at the Toronto Taboo Show donned various forms of attire. Many of us stayed fully clothed, while others wore lingerie, kink gear, or bared it all. Notably, cam models at the Chaturbate booth flaunted skimpy costumes, and there were many topless ladies at the Oasis Lounge’s portable pool.

Sex dolls and synthetic companions

Both male and female love dolls rocked booths at the sex show, including a miniature one from JY Doll.

SexDollCanada returned to the Toronto Taboo Show this year with a sex doll orgy display. It was a bit too racy to share here on my professional blog, which I like to keep reasonably safe for work. But you can check out a short video of the setup that I posted on Twitter/X.

While walking through the stands, I also met a fellow guest who brought his love doll April May in a furry pink wheelchair.

Canadian sextech entrepreneurs

Sex toy mount doll torso Toronto Taboo Show review
Nookie Doll founder Anthony with his demo.

Seeing Canadian sextech startups always delights me.

Anthony of Nookie Doll showcased his sex toy mount of the same name at the Toronto Taboo Show.

Made in Canada, the flexible doll torso provides a hands-free experience for penis sleeve users. The design supports interchangeable breasts as well as removable exterior skins and textured masturbation inserts.

Frank Lawrence of The Vibrating Tarot was also busy at his booth, where he provided tarot card readings from his sextech-themed deck.

Not yet for sale, The Vibrator Tarot deck from Pallor Publishing features globally known pleasure products in place of the traditional illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith for the Rider–Waite tarot deck.

Pallor Publishing donated $250, half of its proceeds from the event, to the sex worker justice organization Maggie’s Toronto, on behalf of Vibrating Tarot and The Taboo Show.

Lawrence aims to release his sex toy-inspired tarot deck in October 2024 and is seeking support for his BackerKit crowdfunding campaign.

Sadly, Kickstarter wouldn’t accept his project for its sexual wellness ties. This is somewhat surprising to me. I know Kickstarter has a reputation for rejecting sextech companies, but Vibrating Tarot’s illustrations are lovely, yet tame—far from what I’d deem “sexually explicit.”

Why go to the Toronto Taboo Show?

Toronto Taboo Show sex expo review

All in all, my time at the 2023 Taboo Show outdid last year’s experience.

Like I said, I didn’t expect it! I’d been pleased enough to walk away from the 2022 sex show with a sizeable gift certificate for a semi-nude photoshoot at Nuovo Photography Toronto.

Even better, I learned how to have safe sex on magic mushrooms at a stand selling psychedelics.

The noise of the bustling venue also didn’t bother me as much as before. The whole sex show, with all its exhibits, two seminar theatres, and a large main stage for erotic entertainment and performances, happens in one big long space at The International Centre in Mississauga. So it can get a bit noisy.

This year, I arrived on Saturday around 3:30 p.m., while the previous year I came the same day but closer to 1 p.m. More was going on this time around, and I suspect crowds get bigger on Saturday evenings as performances continue, including the Miss Bum Bum contest and an erotic circus.

Many a phallus was on display, which I’m not complaining about. A ten-foot-tall penis constructed out of balloons attracted many visitors for a photo-op, myself included.

Maybe next year the organizers of the Toronto Taboo Show will also spring for a giant vulva balloon sculpture. A huge clitoris alone would do just fine.

Author: Jenna Owsianik
Jenna Owsianik is a Canadian sexual health journalist and sextech business advisor. She is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Sex For Every Body®, an adult sex ed publication that celebrate sexual and body diversity. From 2014 to 2022, she was Editor-in-Chief of, the world’s leading publication on how technology is changing human sexuality, today and tomorrow. A trained journalist with a Masters of Journalism from The University of British Columbia, Jenna’s reporting has appeared on, Al Jazeera English, CTV British Columbia online, CBS Sunday Morning, CBS 60 Minutes, Global News, and CKNW Radio in Canada and the United States.